What will be happen to your Cloudflare R2 files (over 10GB) after payment failed?

Hi Guys.

Is my over sized files (over 10GB) in R2 will be deleted in free mode downgrade ?

I don’t find the answer of this question or a documentation in Cloudflare about this.

What will be happen to your files that stored in R2 when you’re using the premium plan (over 10GB) and payment failed.

For example: I’ve stored about 1TB of my sensetive website files and my payment failed due any sort of problem and I’m in a state that can’t respond/resolve the payment after 5 days (general rule of Cloudflare that restore premium services to free mode) .

Thank you.

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I recommend that you immediately create a billing ticket by sending an email to [email protected] and explain your situation. I doubt your files will be deleted after 5 days but doing nothing is definitely not a good idea.