What username and password should I use when using Cloudflare in a 3rd party tool?

Where can I find my credentials to be stored in a file on a Linux server?

I am following the instructions found here: matrix-docker-ansible-deploy/configuring-playbook-dynamic-dns.md at master · spantaleev/matrix-docker-ansible-deploy · GitHub. To configure dynamic DNS to a Matrix self-hosted server. Notice that they only have an example for Google Domains.

Is the following be correct for configuring to Cloudflare? For password is it the API key I created or the global API key? I am assuming I shouldn’t store my actual Cloudflare password on the server.

provider: domains.cloudflare.com
protocol: dyndn2
username: <cloudflare email address in my account>
password: <cloudflare global API Key>

It’d be the Global API Key.

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