What URLs are currently being cached?

Is there anyway, either dashboard or API to get a sample of what resources are cached in a colo? I realise this will be pretty vague and changing constantly, but an indication of the top requests and top bandwidths would be helpful. I dont need everything, just top few.

Background. Looking at my analytics, I can see a constant cached load, but it shouldnt be there, as the domain is primarily M2M, so I understand the patterns. While CF are resolving all this traffic, it would still be nice to verify this isn’t some end user app that is polling way to frequently.
I have tried disabling caching etc and using web server logs, but couldn’t isolate it - although I need to try harder.

Someone posted a Worker that does some logging. Maybe @boynet2 would have an idea on how to add Cache Status to the log. I’m not entirely sure his script can pull Cache Status and Datacenter headers.

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