What type of protection the tunnel offers

Hello! Could someone tell me what type of protection the tunnel offers me against a DDOS attack on my domain that is destined for my VPS server?

The protection I have with the zero trust tunnel from my domain to my server, how does it work? What type of protection does the tunnel provide me against DDOS attacks on my domain? What limits does protection have?

Tunnels mean that all traffic has to go through Cloudflare as you don’t need to open any ports. This means that you have Cloudflare’s DDoS protection on your server. Even if someone gets your origin IP address, they can’t attack it as there are no open ports.


I appreciate the response,
But I still doubt how much protection cloudflare offers me against a DDOS attack.

Because I know that many anti-DDOS services go by plan, and by TB of attacks they support, etc…

I have that doubt,

could you tell me?

And thanks for the response.

I would recommend checking out Prevent DDoS attacks · Cloudflare Docs


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