What tokens are available on which custom error/block pages?

I’d like to Customize the error and challenge pages for my site. The standard pages that Cloudflare presents often include helpful information like date/time, IP address, the Cloudflare Ray ID and a derived Geo location. There is a handy help doc on this topic:


It lists several /required/ tokens for the pages. I just noticed that the IP/Country block now lists 3 additional optional tokens: ::CLIENT_IP::, ::RAY_ID::, ::GEO::.

I would like to use those tokens on all my pages. Does anyone know if it’s safe to do that?

I would like to also use a datetime token. Is there a token like that available?

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Hi Greg,

Sorry for the delays. Not sure if you are still researching this but if you are looking to use them on non error pages I don’t believe that will work. They are just for the error pages.

Thanks, Ryan! I am still curious about this topic. When you say error pages, is that

  • waf_block
  • ratelimit_block
  • ip_block
  • 500_errors
  • 1000_errors


It’s the pages listed out on the article you linked to.


Basic security
Web Application Firewall
IP Firewall (Country block, Country challenge, IP (range) block)
Cloudflare errors:

502, 504, and CF 52X errors
10XX errors
Always Online