What to do with Cloudflare when migrating from Sitteground to another hosting provider

I need guidance to help me while I’m moving away from Siteground to another hosting provider.

Should I deactivate Cloudflare from my Siteground account “cPanel” then adding my website as a new one to my Cloudflare account?

Is this the right approach? If not, what should I do?

Note: I didn’t update DNS yet, so my website still being accessed from Siteground.

Hi @tharwat.okab,

If you are on a partner setup with Siteground and you are moving to another host, then yes - I would recommend removing Cloudflare from your domain through Siteground and re-adding your site to Cloudflare on a full setup.


Thank you @domjh for the answer. I did so, it seems right after all :slight_smile:

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