What to do when somone uses/sells your site files using cloudflare proxy to not get known?


Yesterday I have found someone selling a site I’ve made over a year ago, which they obviously don’t have the rights to sell it. Still they are selling it, and removed all words about me being the original author, instead it says that he created it.

I contacted the user as a “buyer”. and asked how he got the files. He said that he found it online, and that he “fixed” the site, and that 90% of the coding was done by him. Well, after some recent API updated which the site needs, the website is broken, and I’ve seen that when I visited the site.

So they are basically selling a website which they don’t have the rights to sell, claiming that they have fixed the website, while they didn’t and basically scamming buyers by selling the website.
When I confronted him saying he doesn’t have rights to sell it, he said that he does. I asked how, telling him that I’m the original author, and I don’t know him in any shape or form. But he was still claiming to have resell rights. Then the strangest quote ever happend. He said this: https://i.imgur.com/afGWviK.png
“When it becomes leaked, online, I have the rights”.

Basically what they are saying is that because the site got leaked, he has the rights to sell it. Which isn’t true at all. When there is a heist robbery happening, and they throw some money on the ground, you can’t just take it and say “it’s mine because it got stolen before, and now it’s on the ground”.

After this weird confrontation, I obviously contacted Discord first, asking to close their account. But I also wanted to get to know the user better by doing a WHOIS search on him using the domain. Which was protected by cloudflare. Is it possible to get any contact information of this person (like email address, phone number or an actual living address), through Cloudflare?

Thanks for your time,

Hi @rblx.click,

You can submit the abuse form at https://www.cloudflare.com/abuse/, unfortunately the community can’t help with this.

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