What to do to avoid violating section 2.8 of terms of services in my tube website

Hi. I am new in Cloud flare. I received email from cloud flare, saying I have violated their Section 2.8 of Terms of Services. I do not know what it means. My website is still new and I am trying to improve the traffic of my tube site so I do not want any interruption on the site. What can I do to avoid violating their terms?

Asked and answered a lot on the forums, a few times today.

Thank you very much for the reply. I really appreciate. I am serving the videos in the same host name. Transferring to a saperate hostname will be difficult for me. Cloudflare Stream will be the best option I think because it is quite affordable. How can I get it please?

It’s available on your dashboard

Documentation is here. https://developers.cloudflare.com/stream

Thanks for your quick reply. By serving videos through a saperate host, is there no script that will enable cloud flare to ignore video files to use cloud flare resources ?

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