What to do if Cloudflare experience an outage


If Cloudflare itself was to experience a global outage such as on July 17, 2020, or a specific outage of most common services such as DNS or CDN, how could I configure my website and what should I do to make it quickly available again?

Many thanks.

You would need to change NS, but it might take a while, and make sure all services work even if Cloudflare wasn’t in front of them (as they normally should already, TLS configured, etc.).

I don’t think many outages would last more than the time it takes to make all those switches, but if it’s very important you can talk to sales, they have secondary DNS as a feature.

I found an interesting product recently called Multi CDN from TOFFS Technologies, somehow it allows clients to load balance across multiple CDNs including Cloudflare via their platform.

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