What should I include?

An A, AAAA, CNAME, or MX record is pointed to your origin server exposing your origin IP address.

An A, AAAA or CNAME record was not found for the www subdomain. The www.smartspa.com.br subdomain will not resolve.

How to fix this?

Definitely add a www entry in DNS. You may just want to add a Page Rule to match www.smartspa.com.br and URL Forward it (code 301) to smartspa.com.br

As for exposing your origin address, this is normal if you’re running another service such as email on the same server.

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Could you help me with this? How should I insert this Page Rule?

I mean, what should I writte on IPV4 Adress and Name? What configurations should I use? Thanks!

The DNS record for www should look identical to the DNS entry for smartspa.com.br, and make sure it’s set to :orange:

There’s a Page Rules section for that domain in the Cloudflare Dashboard.

Next to that blue “Add Record” button is your input. Leave it set to “A”, and for Name, type in ‘www’ without the quotes. For IPv4 address, type in the same IP address you have for smartspa.com.br. Leave it set to Automatic TTL and :orange:. Then click Add Record.

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Ok, thanks! I’ll try it!

Ok, the error message dissapeared. Does that mean it worked, right?

That looks like it’s working.

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Well, aparently yes, but I’m still getting the same error on my email sender. I wanna send emails to my leads, and I get this message when I try to validate my domain:

CNAME: Not validated
SPF: Not validated
DKIM: Not validated

I was using the email sender and it was okay before I installed the Cloudflare. Now I can’t send any emails. Do you think it is correlated to Cloudflare?

You may be missing some DNS entries.

Compare the DNS entries on your host DNS page to what you have here. There are probably some TXT records for SPF and DKIM.

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I must include all of them on Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is your new DNS. It should have all required records for your domain. How many didn’t copy over?

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Ok! I made it.

But now I’m getting this:

SPF: Not validated
CNAME: Not Validated
DKIM: Validated

Could you check if I inserted right the other DNS?

I’m still getting the same problem.

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