What should I do when someone reported a URL in my website

Hi all, my site is a tutorial website and have a post about how to candidate for a TV Program, while somebody reported that page saying its a fishing page. On the page I did not ask for any user information and users are directed to official website to fill out candidacy form. What and how should I do to prove that page is not fishing and let Cloudflare unblock that page?
Thank you very much.

If the submitted report is found to be true, Cloudflare sends a notice to the owner of the site to do the necessary. Rest lies on the policy. Read the following docs for more information:


yes I replied to [email protected], and [email protected] in May when I received the phishing notification by Email but I never got any reply even though they suggested that I reply to their email. Their preliminary review of report was not correct, mistaking my informative post as phishing, however I only direct users to official page. It is really disappointing.

Since this is solely related to T&S and dealt by them alone, there’s no other workaround. You’ll need to continue communicating to them as mentioned. You may read the above pointed docs for more information.


Thank you very much Neiljay for your kind reply. Have a great day.

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