What should I do to resolve DMCA Abuse complaint?

As I assumed, this is not a Cloudflare complaint but Cloudflare simply forwared it to your host.

As I already said

Aye, they said that they need Cloudflare to resolve this case before that happened they cannot bring my server back online. I’ve sent the initial response from Cloudflare Trust & Saftey Team, dunno my provider count that response as effective evidence or not.

Cloudflare cannot resolve anything, as Cloudflare is not involved.

You need to fix this on your server and thats it. If your host requires anything else you need to clarify this with them, respectively with the original plaintiff. Again, Cloudflare is not involved and did not send the complaint, they just forwared it.

I wish that they take that reponse as a proof, otherwise I’m gonna give up on this, the damage is done. Took me two days trying to address this mess, plus there is no way to contact RiskIQ, cause that email address is dead, it’s a bot.

Probably time to move to another host :slight_smile:

Nothing to do with the US nor with Russia. If there is a complaint valid under the applicable jurisdiction a host has to take action. But we really are a bit beyond the scope of the forum at this point.

Are you saying the content in question was never on your host? If so, Cloudflare shouldnt have forwarded that to your host but have dealt with the complaint themselves and probably simply shut down your service on their end. That is also something you should communicate to your host, as they are not involved at all.

But again, we are way beyond of the scope of the forum here. You need to talk to Cloudflare as @domjh already mentioned yesterday.

that’s what I’m taking about, for the scope part I agree with you. Now I’m gonna shut up and wait for my sentence. Thanks for you help. Really means a lot, Peace out.

Communicate this to your host and to Cloudflare.

Based on that, your host should have never been in the loop and can drop out at this point and should re-enable your service.

As far as Cloudflare is concerned, you need to clarify with them that whatever infringing content you were running on their system has been removed and it is their call at this point.

Cloudflare shouldn’t have forwarded that, but your host shouldn’t have accepted it either.

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