What should be the MX record?


I have the namesrvers , then I tried to configure the MX record. The name value pair here - MX Record Add

says Name = Sitename
Value = xxxxx.Sitename

What is the value supposed to be? A mail server? Does it have to be - xxxx.Sitename? What can the value alternatively be?


Sometimes it’s site name, but that’s not a great setup since it means your web server is also your mail server.

Usually, though, it’s something else. Whoever hosts your email should know what your MX record should point to.

As a side note, it’s often similar to the hostname your mail client uses for getting and sending email.


Ok let me understand this, are you saying the Value should be

Mail server available on the Hosting server?


I don’t know what the value should be. Your web or mail host should have this listed somewhere in your account dashboard.

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