What settings or what paid option to pick to improve page speed


I have switched from godaddy to cloudfare.

But the speed of the website remains the same. check in page speed insight.

Do you recommend any further settings ( i have create page rule , turned on rocket loader ) is there any free settings that i can use to speed my website?

Also if i have to go to paid option which one will be best bet.
MY site doesnt have lots of traffic but the site is big as it is a directory.

Thank you

Slow sites are usually due to the server. Cloudflare speeds up static resource loading, such as images, but pages themselves usually slow things down.

If you post the domain name, we can take a look and offer some suggestions.

Yes, the server response time is high.
I thought cdn might help.
So do i need to change my Hosting ? or there is way around in cloudfare.

If it’s a wordpress site, the minimal complex solution is a wordpress plugin like Comet Cache.
You can cache HTML pages on Cloudflare instead. But that won’t automatically be aware of changes on your site.

Can you post the URL for us to look at and help better?

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The answer to that question depends on your website.

If your site has lots of images, the Pro Plan also comes with Polish, that optimizes images and converts them to the modern format webp when supported by the visitor’s browser. Also, Pro Plan comes with Mirage, which will speed image loading over 3G/4G on mobile devices.

If your hosting supports Railgun, you can enable it with the Business Plan and it helps speed up uncacheable parts of your website.

Both Pro and Business offer many other features, you’d need to compare to see what benefits your website the most. Our Plans | Pricing

On any plan level you may consider Argo to reduce latency and failed connections. Argo is billed on usage.

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