What Setting Need to Change before Moving a website to New Hosting?

Hello ,
I am Running a wordpress website https://www.24freejobalert.com and connected to cloudflare ssl.
Now I need to move my website from one hosting account to another (Hostgator To Bluehost).

My concern is - What setting should I made to my cloudflare account ?
Please help me with name server, dns record setting
Thank You So Much

If your origin server IP is changing (normally the case when you move between hosting providers) you will need to update your Cloudflare DNS to point to the new server:

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I want to move my website to a new hosting without making it offline.

That’s up to you to make sure the new site is functional before you update your DNS. Cloudflare does not determine uptime during site migrations. I suggest you use a local Hosts file on your computer (Google that) to test the new site before you update DNS at Cloudflare.


Thanks For The Solution sir,
What I did to move my website is -
1 - Move all files from old server to new server
2 - Export Database From old Server
3 - create new Database in new server
4 - Configure Database And User
5 - Import All The Tables to my new Database
6 - Change the IP Address Only From Cloudflare

Fo My Case it worked - hope above steps help others too.
Thank You So Much !

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