What rule caused this user to be blocked? I know the Cloudflare Ray ID

A user was properly blocked by our Cloudflare firewall. I have the Cloudflare Ray ID and the user’s IP address as reported at the bottom of the “you have been blocked” web page.

How can I determine which specific rule caused them to be blocked? I’d like to adjust the rule.

You would have to scan through the Firewall Events Log. It will let you search by Ray ID or IP address.

Our website, on a specific administrative page, allows our customers to upload a script, like the bugherd script or the google universal analytics script. We’ve enabled the typical rules in Cloudflare and one of them blocks this upload.

We don’t know which exact rule blocks this. The Cloudflare Ray ID: is 4d47970d7da0380e

So we created a new firewall rule in an effort to allow this specific page to be used to upload the script and it is the first firewall rule in our list of 7 rules:

(http.request.uri.path eq “/googleanalyticssettings.aspx”)
we set the Action to Allow.

but that does not work.
Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

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