What records to add


Please forgive my ignorance.

  1. What records should I add to my DNS options in Cloudflare for my site to be routed through Cloudflare?
  2. What records should I add for my site to operate smoothly ie, web browsing and emails?

At a minimum you’ll need an A record pointing to your site. Check out the #Tutorials on this site, they’ll guide you through very easily, start here, Adding DNS Records.

I suspect some dns records were created when you added your site, yes?


Long back yes. I tried deleting my account so the records can be imported at the initial configuration but it simply uses the previous records. I was hoping if i delete my account then add my sites again, it would help.

I just want to know which records makes it possible for web browsing, emailing, ftp etc.

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The best way to update your DNS records is to have them match all the records at your host’s DNS.
Email-related records should be set to :grey: DNS-Only.

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