What prevents someone else from signing up at Cloudflare and registering your domain?

My domain was taken and made to point at some bittorrent site. To get it back I simply added it to a new account I created. It asked me to change my nameserver to the same nameserver it was already pointing at, ie

theo.ns.Cloudflare.com --> theo.ns.Cloudflare.com

So I simply clicked “continue” and boom, now I could manage my domain again. But wait, what if someone else does this again? How can I lock it down?

Hi @badaei really good question & one talked about earlier on this forum. In order to add a site to Cloudflare, you need to alter the nameservers at the registrar to establish ownership.

I checked what I can and don’t see activity that shows this movement (I could be looking at the wrong “droid”, however).

If you contact support, to login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support. , they can look at the history. As the name servers did not change from what you’d set originally (theo), it does not seem like anyone else added your domain on Cloudflare nor were they able to alter your name servers with the registrar.

Edit - in your audit logs, do you show any edit to your DNS records that could account for a redirect? Like a change to your origin IP server?

Second edit - this is an old but great article about name servers.

So your name servers yyy.ns.Cloudflare.com and zzz.ns.Cloudflare.com remained the same on your registrar but someone with the identical nameservers added your domain under their own account?

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