What plan is right for me?


Not sure which Cloudflare plan you need? Just share your priorities and you can get feedback on which plan(s) would cover your needs.


Personally I’ve found that the Pro Plan with the Rate Limiting Addon is enough for me. The majority of attacks against my site are either small botnets performing HTTP Floods or kids trying to SQLMap the site. The WAF blocks those attempts and then the rate limiting kills off bots. Sometimes things can get expensive but the extra cost is worth knowing my site is safe. One day I may have to upgrade to the business plan but for now I’m able to use Pro and Rate Limiting to have a fast and secure website :slight_smile:


maybe Cloudflare should have a plan in between Pro and Business i.e. Advanced :slight_smile:

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I have a UK ecommerce client with 4k-5k session/month of which around 1k are to dedicated mobile site.

Would like to try cloudflare on either free or Pro package.

Any problems with this?




In my experience, PRO plan is worth purchasing. I have tested it on a WordPress site. It works well for image optimization and provide more security features with WAF.



Thanks for that. Do you have similar traffic?

My concern is either plans suitability for this volume of traffic. The Business package at $200 is described as for small eCommerce but that is a huge jump from $20. So will there be problems trying an eCommerce site with this traffic on the cheaper/free packages?



At Cloudflare, traffic is not point of concern regardless of any plan. As far I have seen some blogs receive huge amount of daily page views(some millions in month) and using free plan, there is no issue.

Well, It depends on you that what features you need. Of course, you will get what you will pay for.


Perfect, thankyou.


You’re welcome!


@petestevens you can always start with the free plan, see what kind of impact it makes, and then decide if there are features in the Pro or Business plan that are worth the $$. You can upgrade your plan directly from the Cloudflare dashboard. I use the free plan because it suits my needs fine, but @GulshanKumar is correct - you always get what you pay for. If there’s something in the Pro plan that you need it’s definitely worth it to upgrade.

Something I would like Cloudflare to offer, if possible, is some kind of ‘trial period’ for their various plans or at least certain services from those plans, so potential customers could try them out for a limited amount of time to see if they make an impact enough to upgrade plans for. I would also like this so that I may personally learn more about the services in a more hands-on manner - though the webinars they offer are probably sufficient for most! (I’m just more of a learn-by-doing kind of guy).


I think this is something that is already under consideration, but I’ll definitely pass along the feedback!


cheers andy

now I know that traffic volume is not the overriding I can assess plan features. I suspect if the image & mobile optimisation features in the Pro plan make a speed difference then those will be key factors for this site.


“Beta Plan” - new features just for testing, zero production stuff, with or without support, maybe limited in some way (so people won’t bring production there).

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I’m an enterprise customer, one of the big things that attracted us to the service was the fact that it was fixed price all you can eat. There seems to be a move away from that with recent services which is a shame as it can often be a pain in large organisiations to have a commitment to a variable cost.


Other than Ampersand and Firebolt the new services are at least (generally) fixed cost additions for an Enterprise customer to the standard all you can eat existing offerings. We have released some new features recently which became new items on the all you can eat menu and have more slated for later this year as well. So we aren’t abandoning the idea of releasing new features to existing customers, across variable plan levels, but some new offerings are priced separately (but generally flat rate since that’s actually easier for us to bill in most cases and easier for customers to consume as you note).

But your point is well taken and I hope that some of the new features and improvements to existing features coming in Q3 and Q4 make you feel like you’re getting ongoing additional value out of a SaaS based service. :slight_smile:


even varying things like that is a pain, as I have to go and amend all of my forecasts etc.


Definitely something worth bringing up with your account manager, too. :slight_smile: They can speak much better to the options you have available to you.


Hello everyone, I wanted to try cloudflare to serve static images from Amazon S3. These images are never going to change. So was planning to set the Cache-Control header to a very high value to make use of browser caching. With aws the number of requests per day that we see is 7-8 million. That is really taking more bandwidth and adding up to the cost.

That’s why wanted to try cloudflare. Which plan should I take?