What page rules should I use?

We’ve got a great video that shows some of our most useful and recommended Page Rules. But if you have questions about specifics feel free to ask.


I highly recommend others here to cache all non-dynamic pages using page rules. The performance increase is incredible!


I’m redesigning one of my client sites and wondering about the best page rule setup.

The site is currently a WordPress Membership site all on the root domain. (https:// mydomain .com)

The redesign calls for 2 separate WordPress sites.The Members area, Download pages and Members login page will be on a sub-domain (https:// members.mydomain .com), and the rest of the pages - Sales/Home, legal, about contact us…, will remain on the root domain WordPress site.

Here are my thoughts on the page rules I’d like to have but not sure how to set them up to work with 2 different sites on the same root domain and in what order the rules need to be.

  1. For Both Sites - Always HTTPS

  2. For Both Sites wp-admin/* - disable performance, disable apps, cache level-bypass, browser cache TTL-an hour, security level-high

  3. For Just The sub-domain (Members) Sites Login Page (MyDomain Login) - disable performance, disable apps, cache level-bypass, browser cache TTL-30 minutes

  4. For Just The Root Domain Site - Cache Level-Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL-12 Hours

Any suggestions - guidance will be greatly appreciated.

  • Steve D.

I’m guessing you don’t have to do the 301 redirect if you have " https redirection enabled" via on your ssl through your hosting provider?

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