What needs to be done once Wordpress on Cloudflare with SSL regarding Google search console



as used a host that didnt allow me to install a free SSL, i was advised to use cloudflare.
So i created an account, added my website there, and then as i had mixed content, I installed cloudflare flexible ssl plugin and now i am happy to see the green lock on my website and secure!
Now, I am not an expert but i was told that to avoid duplicated content, we should register both www. and http at google search console and set a preferred domain.
which i did a long time ago.
my question is, do i need to register https of my domain now?
Do i need to do anything more within google search console?
do i need to send a new sitemap to google?
do I need to basically do anything more once i did those steps?
for redirections, i also have a plugin
does it change anything now i have cloudflare? i did a few redirections in the past.
please help, I am not familiar with any of the technical stuff and do this for a small blog and i hope to get some great clarifications here!
thank you for your help!


Yes, you should have 4 versions configured in Search Console.

You will need to verify all versions and specify your preferred version.
If you’ve added a 301 redirect (recommended) to the preferred version, check here to make sure they are set up correctly. https://varvy.com/tools/redirects/


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