What logs does CF colo keep if client uses WARP?

There is an interesting article at comparitech.com about VPN servers’ logging policies.

They distinguish 3 types of logs:

  • Connection logs
  • IP address logs
  • Traffic logs

Which ones of the above logs are kept by colo I m connected to with with WARP client?

Connection logs
These might be referred to as metadata, diagnostic logs, or usage logs. They may include timestamps, which VPN server is used, and the amount of bandwidth consumed. Sometimes this data is tied to an individual account but in other cases is only collected on an aggregate basis…

IP address logs
IP address logs are where a lot of supposedly “no logs” providers get into trouble. An IP address could easily be attributed to an individual, or at least a single wifi router, and should really be considered PII. An IP address connected to a timestamp could potentially link actual activity to an individual. Indeed, this has been the scenario in some of the cases we’ll mention as we go through our VPN list…

Traffic logs
Finally, but perhaps most importantly, we have traffic logs. When it comes to VPNs, these are the worst kind of logs. They include the contents of internet traffic, such as browsing history, files downloaded, purchases made, messages sent, and software used. Really, no one should even consider a VPN that has been reported to keep these kinds of logs. It really defeats one of the main purposes of having a VPN in the first place — privacy…

Have you read this? Be sure to also follow the link to their App Privacy Policy.


Just done with reading, inc. Privacy Policy.
It gives more-less clear answer to my question.
Thanks for the link.

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