What is wrong with Cloudflare Admin?

Every other day I get some bizarre message from them (no, not from spoofers, it is really from them!) saying "we are sorry you have cancelled your service (I have not, and there are no changes apparent), then I have reactivated it (there are no changes apparent), etc ect! Now, today, asking me to verify my email address? Seriously? After months of using it? This just bizarre. Someone has lost it there.

Hi @user3894, seems like you should have received a couple of emails when the name servers on your zone changed a couple of weeks ago, we’d have sent a notification saying we detected the move, and then a reminder and then the note indicating the zone has moved from cloudflare as the name servers changed.

I see your ticket regarding the move notice and the one from earlier in the month, right before the name server change, there would have been emails from that ticket as well. The verify your email one is odd, please share that one (and any others that don’t seem related to the above notes) with support on your current ticket and they can investigate.

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