What is wrong in this?

Do not solicit any thread solutions. Threads are marked as solved when the issue has been solved by the OP.

What wrong i did i told to mark as solution after his problem is cleared as it can help others to find solution easily and I Don’t Understand what’s Wrong In This .

Post Link - 520 error after purge everything on cloudflare - #22

I presume you are referring to the moderation alert you received on 520 error after purge everything on cloudflare - #20, right?

You deleted the posting but I guess you asked the OP to mark your response as “solution” and that should generally not be done. Solutions are either voluntarily selected by OPs or at the discretion of moderators. One should never actively ask for that.

I do have to admit I can’t really find a proper solution in the thread either. Removing a domain from Cloudflare will not fix the mentioned error.


Oh ok thanks . but who gives the moderation alert are it given by the mvp

No worries :slight_smile:

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Alerts are issued automatically as well as manually, depending on the issue.


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