What is wrong about subscene.com

subscene.com is the biggest subtitle site in the world.
Today i got Error 1020 from Cloudflare on this site.
But i am not attacker.
What is worng about me that i can’t open this site?

You’d have to contact the site owner to find out why they’ve blocked you. It’s generally based upon some perceived threat parameter, which may include country or ISP.

I don’t have access to site owner for contact because of that error!
There are many free proxy sites.
I checked subscene.com with all of them.
I saw same Error in all those proxy sites.
So confused!!!
I just want to download a subtitle of movie.

For example open subscene.com with the proxy below :
You will see same error

As what @sdayman mentioned, you may contact the site owner to find out why they blocked you. Me, the community, and even Cloudflare, has no control over the settings of the website.

Thanks for the answer by the way.
You are the best & my favorite CDN.

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