What is WARP?

Hi community,

I am considering VPN and Cloudflare WARP, I spent my time on the internet (google) just figured out what WARP is and what it does to protect users. Look like Cloudflare does not want to tell clearly to users what it is. I dont know why they do that.

And now, with 2 days, i really didn’t know what it is and it does. Can you tell me what WARP is and it does?

For now, with my little information collected from google, WARP is VPN, but not look like VPN because it can not give you a choices to choose a location like VPN. It will give you a Cloudflare IP, and Cloudflare IP location near your location. Generally, WARP has everything VPN has, only can’t choose location. am i right?

Thank you so much for reading and helped me.

Sure, let me clarify.

  • WARP cannot have a location chosen manually, you’re correct. In that sense it’s different than a traditional VPN.
  • Yes, WARP gives you a Cloudflare IP near your location.
  • In the past WARP passed on your real IP address to sites - this is no longer the case, all sites see a Cloudflare IP address now.
  • All of your traffic is passed through WARP which can prevent spoofing by your internet service provider or spying if you’re on a shared network like a coffee shop.

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