What is total cache size allowed?

I am using Pro plan. I would like to know what is the total cache size ? Is there a limit ? I mean I could have more than 100GB of images to cache. Am I allowed to cache all these images ?

Do more cache I have will slow down the speed for users to fetch image ?

Or the more cache I have shorten the cache TTL ?

The closer I am able to find is the limit for a file size is 5GB for Pro.

“The maximum file size Cloudflare’s CDN caches is 512MB for Free, Pro, and Business customers and 5GB for Enterprise customers. Enterprise customers can contact their Cloudflare Account Team to request caching of larger files.”

There is no public limit that I am aware of. But be aware that unpopular assets will be evicted from cache, regardless of the plan type, and subsequent requests will need an origin request to repopulate the cache.

Can I set cache to never expire and let cloudflare to decide when to purge in case of lack of use

No, but you can set s-maxage to something very large, max-age=31536000 is commonly the maximum, but don’t expect anything to persist without being accessed for that long.

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