What is this script that gives me CSP error?

And how do i get rid of it?

 <script type="text/javascript">
            (function() {
                window['__CF$cv$params'] = {
                    r: '5f42d7542d559cfa',
                    m: 'f3b1e43aa2f46f3d91fdb58c8688746e28468d32-1605714563-1800-AXC6t4Dw+mElM5ecqiPnQ40hmLpElF2jrQYdX2cjbXp5K/vUNFq1jbiPDu062A/MRFRM0Rk1qMzWo/XyQUPfHiT1BY/7qevlE4kvn+5VRuAb1/fmX20suN4RxUNFP53Chg==',
                    s: [0x8fe2dda81f, 0x48eb68f0d3],

Is giving an errror on my site tcckonsult.com I have disabled JS guardian app and rocketloader but still get the error "Refused to execute inline script because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: “script-src ‘self’” I have also turned off everything under scrape shield ,cleared cache, paused cloudflare and started again. It wont go away

Hi @andersjohansson, I was tracking this to see the cause and it seems turning off JavaScript Script Detections works. Thank you!

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