What is the usecase of cloudflare for gaming?

A little detailed explanation would be appreciated.

Cloudflare proxies HTTP/S traffic over a set list of ports. And Minecraft.

can you explain a little about cloudflare workers for gaming and how it is impacting the market today?

Is this on the record?

what does that mean?

It’s a phrase used when a company or person is asked a question by a reporter. It was a joke. :slightly_smiling_face:

alright! it would be great if you could help!

:wave: @aditi_ag,

Cloudflare has a number of case studies on gaming companies on their website. Discord uses them, among others. Depending on the game type the use cases could be very different. From a CDN for downloads/ patches, or even in game assets, to IPv6 support for mobile or DDoS protection or geo-steering.

Gaming is a pretty diverse landscape.

— OG

could u please tell me more about delivering of cloudflare workers for gaming offerings to the market. @OliverGrant

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