What is the suggested solution for a video streaming website with user-generated videos

We are developing a website with user-generated video content (think youtube but obviously much smaller)
What would be the most cost-effective way to realize it?

  1. Cloudflare Stream sounds super simple, but the pricing seems quite high, considering that the content will be uploaded by the users and most probably will not generate that much revenue.
  2. AWS has services for everything (video conversion, storage, CDN…) but the costs will also be high (if not higher) if we use AWS alone (probably the distribution costs will be quite high).

Can you suggest a better solution?

E.g. is there a way to use Cloudflare for conversion only and save the converted videos at some cloud storage provider from the Bandwidth alliance, and then use Cloudflare again as CDN?

Any other suggestions/ideas?

This is not supported by Cloudflare.

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