What is the right account for me


We host a website with 2 TB traffic in and 5TB out.
We get about 10M hits per day.

We are trying to choose between the enterprise and the business account.
Would the business account would be able to handle such a load?
Are there any limitations in the business account?

Thank you,


Yes, the Business plan can handle your specified load. However, the Enterprise plan offers more robust features like 24/7/365 enterprise-grade phone, email, and chat support, a 100% uptime Service Level Agreement, faster performance with prioritised IP ranges, and role-based account access among others. While there are no specific limitations on the Business plan, you might find the additional benefits of the Enterprise plan more suitable depending on the scale and needs of your business. I recommend contacting Cloudflare’s sales team for a detailed comparison and assisting in making the optimal choice for your specific requirements.



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