What is the replacement for the "Host Header Override" setting in page rules?

I tried to add a new setting to an existing page rule which had a setting for “Page Header Override”, but it wouldn’t let me save it because of the existing setting. I removed the page header override to see if I could add my new setting on its own and this worked.

Now I would like to add the page header override back in, but it doesn’t exist as an option. What should I use as an alternative?

If Cloudflare support read this, the Host Header Override option appeared greyed out when I edited the rule, and on trying to save the changes, initially nothing happened, no error messages. When going back to the page rule listing page and trying to disable the rule, I get the unhelpful error:

Page Rule validation failed: See messages for details. (Code: 1004)

There was no other message. Perhaps this should indicate that a deprecated setting exists and has to be removed?

Tom Madden

Host Header Override is a feature only available for an Enterprise zone on Cloudflare. From the description it sounds like this was a setting enabled on a zone while it was Enterprise but for whatever reason is no longer entitled at that level. If this is/should be an enterprise zone I would recommend reaching out to your account team to verify.

many thanks for the prompt reply, that’s exactly what it will be,

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