What is the recommended WP cache plugin(s) for APO?

I recently switched to APO. I am currently using WP Fastest Cache plugin however it is not on the list of tested plugins: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/360049822312-Understanding-Automatic-Platform-Optimization-APO-with-WordPress#h_01EQ44V6KRFM6Z0F06MM0EJGJ5
I have no attachment to the fastest cache plugin and would like to know what cache plugin (if any) Cloudflare recommends for optimal performance for a Wordpress installation using APO on a subdomain.
I am not very knowledgeable about cache mechanisms so this may be an easy question however it is important for APO users to get the maximum benefit from this product.

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Likely none of the regular WordPress caching plugins are compatible based on how they currently operate and the way APO works.

As I understand it, APO works by the Cloudflare WP plugin adding a special header and APO watching for that header. Most WP caching plugins use disk caching. How they work is they create a complete copy of a post/page on disk and then using .htaccess rules bypass the loading of WordPress and load the cache copy directly from disk. That is what makes them fast. Since WordPress is bypassed to load quickly from disk, the Cloudflare plugin cannot add the necessary header for APO.

I use WP Rocket and it actually works fairly well with APO, even though that doc points it out as having problems. It’s not officially supported by the WP Rocket devs either (but apparently they’re working on it).

It took some time to get the combo working well together, but now it’s running fine without babysitting it.

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I have seen no noticeable improvements in the last 3 days since rolling out APO. I am looking at Google Analytics and GTmetrix for page speed measurement. I also checked the cached request rate which also stayed flat to slightly declining.
I am using WP Fastest Cache plugin which also has a configuration for connecting to CF API, it has always been connected to CF API.
Would be great if the CF team could make a recommendation.

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That is only partially correct, once Cloudflare for WordPress plugin is activated, WP Fastest Cache should be cleared. After file cache is recreated all the pages will contain cf-edge-cache header.

Could you provide the link to your site?