What is the recommend DNS proxy status for a CNAME record pointing to AWS cloudfront?

I use AWS cloudfront to deliver videos content across the globe. Mainly for the benefit of region based content delivery.

I manage my DNS with cloudflare, so should I configure cloudflare to proxy the DNS or set it to DNS only for CNAME record pointing to AWS cloudfront?

I see that cloudflare is currently not caching video contents in proxied DNS settings. If I go with cloudflare proxied DNS, does that means AWS cloudfront see cloudflare’s IP in the request and serve content from a region where the cloudflare IP is located and not the actual client’s IP.

I am not sure whether:

  1. AWS cloudfront considers the X-Forwarded-For or CF-Connecting-IP request headers to identify the actual client IP?
  2. Cloudflare to AWS request is always made from a regional IP closer to the client location so AWS cloudfront can serve content from the correct region?

Thanks in advance!


First advice: do not proxy video with Cloudflare, especially if it’s the vast majority of the traffic. You’ll get banned, unless you are on the Enterprise plan.

All the other questions are to be asked to AWS.

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