What is the "Rebel" badge?

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What is the “Rebel” badge? Is that like the “Empire” badge?

As story as old as time itself really…

Grow up on a backwater planet. Become radicalized as you watch your extended family suffer and die due to the poor policies of a centralized government. Join a group of terrorists freedom fighters and use the skills they taught you to wage asymmetrical warfare in a misguided attempt to work out your daddy issues.


Thank you for the explanation, Jyn Erso. I’m marking your backstory as the solution. Good luck on the Scarif mission. I’m sure it’ll end well for all involved.

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and the whole story rather minds me of another young boy who didn’t see the light until he was already a man.


If that’s true, it sounds like it was torment.

First the thing with the Canadians, now Cscharff. You don’t have faith, do you? You must believe, the truth is out there.

Wrong franchise.


The X-files

Faith in what?

The truth IS out there! (more especially for somethings)

Just like @jnperamo has done!


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