What is the purpose of deploying a worker?

I’m confused about the nature of deployment.

I’m using Quick Edit to edit my worker. I’ve been deploying it because I thought that was necessary for it to run. But it appears that that just makes it available elsewhere.

Is deployment necessary for worker to work?

Is the purpose of deployment sharing the worker so others can test/use it from another location?


I presume you mean


That essentially makes the Worker go live. Without deployment it will never make its way to Cloudflare and will never run either.

Or are you referring to the automatically generated workers.dev host? That is optional as long as your Worker is mapped to your domain.

Yeah I see now that there is a concept of Save and Deploy just for host, and that the workers.dev host is optional.

What’s the purpose of the workers.dev host if I have to make a route for a URL that I have a DNS mapping to? Is the workers.dev domain for people who don’t have a host to test with?

For testing and for hosting without a domain. Also none of the higher plan features are available on the test domain.

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