What is the PTR record on Cloudflare for?

Hi when we send mail we get a rdns_none

this only happens when the domain is proxied

i was wondering what the PTR record on Cloudflare is for?


For proxied domains, Cloudflare responds to DNS queries with its own shared, dynamic IP addresses. Therefore, PTR records cannot be added to Cloudflare.

The PTR record option shown in the DNS Records dropdown is not for adding PTR records for Reverse DNS resolution. It is instead for adding a PTR Record to the Forward DNS resolution for the domain. PTR in Forward DNS is allowed under the DNS specification.

The main reason to have a PTR record is to prevent emails from ending up in spam folders. Since Cloudflare doesn’t support email traffic by default, you would instead need to set the PTR record where your email server is located. Please reach out to your email provider for assistance.

Can this help over come the rdns_none error that mail-tester gives?

Kind regards


is this to forward to your ip where the rdns is setup?

If you have your own IP address space you can use Cloudflare to serve the Reverse DNS zones. This is a relatively unusual scenario, and you generally need to be a LIR to have this requirement. They can also be used for DNS-SD, which is also relatively rare.

Hi Michael

Thank you for your explanation

can this record help me solve my issue of rdns_none when sending mail when the domain is proxied through Cloudflare?

is there a solution to this issue, i think the problem is persistent because after the domain is proxied there is no rdns on the new ip

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