What is the proper way to cache an eCommerce site with dynamic content

I’ve read a lot of articles and posts related to the topic of caching dynamic content in general, but I’m still unclear as to how to go about caching pages where SOME elements of the page may change, but overall the page changes very infrequently. As an example, I run an ecommerce site with over 160,000 product pages, hundreds of category pages, and tens of thousands of additional pages beyond that. It makes sense to cache this website. However, certain elements of each and every page change depending on whether or not the user is logged in or logged out (i.e. the header shows the “login” option if they’re NOT logged in, but shows a slew of other option if they ARE logged in). As well, we have sales on product pages frequently so the prices may change at a moment’s notice so the cached page may show the wrong price.

Based on the above, is there a built-in CF feature that can simply be turned on and will be able to identify these elements (we’re using CF Business)? I read a little about Railgun and it sort of sounds like it applies to this, but I’m hesitant to just turn it on and see how it goes with live customers.

I’d love to hear some thoughts from the community on this, and if there is anyone able to offer advisory and implementation services to help us with this, even better!

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