What is the process to move domain registration between Cloudflare accounts?

When Cloudflare began offering domain registrar services, we jumped at the opportunity and migrated as many as possible over here. Now we have one that has sold and needs to be moved to a new Cloudflare account. Is this possible to do, or do you have to go through the process of “transferring away” as if you were moving to an entirely different registrar?

Hi @ross.peterson,

The feature to move registrations between accounts has been in the works for a while, but I’m afraid there is no ETA on when it will be ready.

Unfortunately, you will probably have to transfer the domain away from Cloudflare to change ownership. You can try to contact support and see if they will move the domain manually, but it’s not done routinely.

Thanks for your quick reply. Is it possible to “transfer” to another Clouldflare account, using the traditional “transfer-out” means? Or are you saying that it probably requires going to a new registrar, even if just temporarily (60-days) before one could transfer back to Cloudflare? Thanks for any clarifications here.

This is unfortunately the case at the moment.

Ah…bugger. Okay, thanks for your help here.

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