What is the maximum number of the worker subdomain per account

I am trying to version my SSR script for the worker. My plan is to create a new subdomain per each new SSR build and here will be the pattern.


211220-0101.myaccount.worker.dev // monday build
211221-1201.myaccount.worker.dev // tuesday build

With this setup, I can travel the previous build without a second deployment. So my question is how many worker subdomains can each account create?

You have a limit of 30 workers on free and 100 on paid so 30 or 100.

I’d recommend using version control and versioning that way. You’re very quickly going to run out of Workers and maintaining this for multiple Workers isn’t really feasible.

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Thanks for the information. I understand your recommendation but I do not want to build and deploy again.
May I know where I can find pricing details? because this https://developers.cloudflare.com/workers/platform/pricing does not have the information you mentioned.


From the page you linked:

The Workers Paid plan includes Workers, Workers KV, and Durable Objects usage for a minimum charge of $5 USD per month for an account. The plan includes increased initial usage allotments, with clear charges for usage that exceeds the base plan.
All included usage is on a monthly basis.

Paid is $5/m + usage. The page you linked has everything included and what the usage costs are.

Thanks. I found it. I was asking the 30 workers on free and 100 on paid. And here is https://developers.cloudflare.com/workers/platform/limits#number-of-scripts

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