What is the maximum file size for cached data?

When cloudflare caches assets on my website, is there a maximum file size above which it doesnt cache everything?

Similarly, Is there an overal maximum amount of GB per customer of total cached data?

For example I guess that if I setup the “cache everything” rule I should be able to ask for the caching of an mp4 file. Will Cloudflare cache it even if it is 500MB? 1GB? etc?

Cloudflare can cache files at least 10GB large. But if you’re using it to cache media files, you may end up violating ToS 2.8.

Ss there a solution provided by cloudflare that would match my need for providing video files?
I don’t need any layer of service to encode (HLS and stuff), I only need to provide my content with a CDN. Is there a way that I can do that in cloudflare within one of their services without violating ToS 2.8?

You can certainly give Sales (888-99-FLARE) a call, but it sounds like you’re looking for a traditional CDN.


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