What is the Image Resizing pricing? Website is contradictory

So apparently Image Resizing is in fact available on Pro plans, despite the website stating…

Image Resizing is only available to paid Cloudflare plans at the Business or Enterprise level.
Understanding Cloudflare Image Resizing

Ok, fine. The docs are out of date. But what does it cost??

The Business Plan page says:

Once activated, every Cloudflare account receives 50,000 free resizings per month. You’ll pay $9 for every additional 50,000 uncached resizings per month.

Which I’m pretty sure is wrong. The Pro Plan page apparently contradicts this, saying:

Business plans include up to 100K image requests per month, plus $10 per additional 100K image requests per month.
Enterprise plans include up to 10M image requests per month, plus (negotiated)

But none of this describes pricing for the Pro plan.

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HI @john115,

We are aware of these issues and working to clarify the pricing for Image resizing. Sorry for the confusion.


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