What is the host name for

Trying to configure my browser but it asks me for a dns host name. Can’t leave it blank. Tried to look it up everywhere including this forum… Imgur: The magic of the Internet


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*said browser but meant to say router

Can you post a screenshot?

A router asking for a host name as a DNS resolver instead of an IP would be a very unusual thing.

Resolving a host name requires a resolver, so if in order to enable a resolver, you need a resolver, you’re stuck in a dead lock :slight_smile:


@jedisct1 I did post a screenshot in my original post, thanks for trying to assist

That looks like a local Hosts file where you can add local or any other hostnames and their IP address so you don’t have to do a lookup.

Page 175 in this manual explains this:

Pg. 110 shows you the screen where you enter the DNS servers, such as and

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Ah that’s it, thanks for helping me out!

Probably should have checked the manual myself but there was a big button saying DNS in the main menu so I thought that had to be it. Turns out I had to look under the LAN button instead.

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