What is the function of the NS type in the dns record menu

hello sir.

please give me information about function of this feature on dns record.


can i use this feature for point my domain nameserver for other service like sucu** or etc?

NS records are used to delegate a subdomain’s name servers to another DNS authoritative nameserver. So if you wanted to delegate the subdomain internal.example.com to your in-house nameservers to answer for requests to mail.internal.example.com or the most common use case is some bulk mail services allow for you to delegate a subdomain to them (such as m.example.com) and they handle setting up all the SPF/ DKIM records needed.

thank you @cs-cf.
can you help me about this problem :frowning: please.

for 4 days I searched for a solution to the problem I was experiencing.

I want to create social blogging for students in my school, I create a simple platform that allows students to create and manage blogs easily.

each student who signed up will get 1 subdomain user.example.com, where user.example.com uses orange-cloud in Cloudflare to get cache and security facilities.

but if the student is able to buy his own domain, he is allowed to redirect his domain to the platform via cname and this is the same as when using blogspot with custom domain.

the problem is that Cloudflare does not allow cross-cname from other domains or from domains in other Cloudflare accounts.

this problem I think can be solved by using Cloudflare pro plan. support will help to open these restrictions, but new problems arise that visitors will be able to see the original ip of my server.

I do not understand how Cloudflare works in this stage, does not my subdomain use orange-cloud? then why visitors can see my server ip, even if my students apply gray-cloud.

visitor => gray-cloud.studendomain.com - cname to => orange-cloud.exampleplatform.com => origin server

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