What is the easiest/best way to update all DNS settings

I am in the process of moving a website from one hosting company to another and I need to change all the DNS settings in Cloudflare etc., however, I wonder if it is best to delete the active web profile and re-add it when the transfer has completed or change each DNS entry etc., and hope I get it right !

If anyone has done this before, like to know how it went !

Thanks in advance

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I’m not sure what you mean by that. If you are asking if you should delete the domain from your Cloudflare account and add it again, the answer is a definite No. That will only waste your time and will not provide the desired results.

This is the way.

As long as you use the address of your new server, you can be more confident than merely hoping.

You can always export your current DNS, edit it to use the new IP wherever necessary, and import it.

There is a Community #tutorial covering host migration.

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