What is the difference between Global API Key and API Token?


I’m a new web designer and am new to Cloudflare services. One caching plugin I use is looking for integration with Cloudflare and has two options, Global API Key or API Token? Wanted to know what is the difference between the two, if there is one? For a Web Designer and manager of multiple websites, is there one that is better to use over another?


Thank you for asking.

I lately did posted a question for one, on W3 Total Cache support, to make it available to use API Token with required permissions:

Also, I’ve found WP Rocket has had the same issue as well, reported by multiple customers/users on a GitHub:

Kindly see here:

When you use the Cloudflare API, you need to authenticate your requests so we know who you are and what permissions you have.

When possible, we should use API tokens with the required permissions to interact with the Cloudflare API for the specific domain.

Helpful article: