What is the difference between Full and Full (Strict)


i wanna know the difference between Full and Full (Strict) in the ssl

cause recently when i started to use Full (Strict) some of my ads doesn’t show on my PC until i click on “load unsafe script” so does that have to do anything with such a thing or it’s just a coincidence cause i don’t really know

so please advise me should i make it Full ONLY or Full (Strict)

i want my ads to be visible to everyone Desktop or mobile so please let me know your thoughts

waiting for your reply


That is completely unrelated, since that means that the specific ad was loaded insecurely, but it would have been loaded from a third party domain, which isn’t affected by the settings of your Cloudflare domain.

You need to make sure all resources (styles, images, scripts, etc.) are loaded with a link that either starts with https:// or // so that it takes the protocol of the main page. The first is probably preferred.

Also, there is no difference for the visitor of the domain between Full and Full (Strict). The difference is in the backend. The former means that the origin server must have a certificate, the latter that the certificate must be valid. The latter is preferred, but it’s not always possible to achieve, even though you should try.

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Man thank you so much

i really appreciate it your support here and your help

really can’t thank you enough

have a very nice day

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