What is the difference between Configuration Rules and Cache Rules?

Hi everyone, I’m using Cloudflare cdn’s caching feature. I found that both Page Rules and Cache Rules can be configured, but I don’t know the difference. The function I want to achieve is:
https://www.example.com/a1/ Bypass
https://www.example.com/b1/ is cached for 1 day
https://www.example.com/c1/ Cache for 7 days
May I ask how to configure it, thank you

page rules is the old way of configuring caching. Cache rules is the new way. Refer to https://blog.cloudflare.com/introducing-cache-rules/


To add to Zaidoon’s answer, Configuration rules don’t control cache settings. It’s pretty much the rest of what Page Rules do:

First of all thank you for your kind help. I have two more questions for you.

  1. Page elements, such as js or png, are used in both pages. The rule Edge TTL duration configured on page 1 is a month. The rule Edge TTL duration configured on page 2 is 2 hours. How long is the js/png duration?
  2. For the homepage of the website, how should it be defined? Neither hostname nor URL or URL full can match?

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