What is the Difference Between Cloudflare's FREE DNS and Cloudflare's Premium DNS

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I’m New to this Community…

Currently, I’m using Cloudflare’s FREE DNS.


When I was Scanning some Wordpress sites, They using

This DNS


Then I scanned some Popular News Media Websites, They Use This DNS


So, Here I given 3 Kind of DNS Address…

I would like to know the difference between these 3 DNS.

I’m Not a fan of Cloudflare’s CDN Services…

What Makes These Three DNS Different?

is it worth Upgrading if I’m using Only DNS Service?

CDN of the FREE Plan vs Paid Plan is really the same? or Different…?

Kindly Answer me with Exact details…

There is no difference. The combination of nameservers is only used for verification that someone owns the website, they all go to the same servers which don’t perform faster depending on the customer.

The only benefits you get on the DNS side when you upgrade your plan is more analytics:



Cloudflares FREE DNS and Paid DNS is Exactly Same…

Just the Name is Different… that Doesn’t really a Matter…


What About Their CDN…

in the FREE Plan vs Paid Plan CDN…

is there Any Advantages?

This page might help you

Why Should I Create this Post even after I saw this page?

The answer is not there in the Page you sent…

Hi @sibipaul,

What exactly do you want to know about? The pricing page shows all the differences between the plans and what extra features you get.

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I’m sorry we didn’t notice that. Can you tell us exactly which research you’ve conducted so far so we don’t direct you to any resources you’ve already seen? A list of every URL you’ve visited during this process would be acceptable. Thank you.


DNS is available in all plans. For Enterprise plan subscribers, there are additional benefits

  • Higher cap on the number of DNS of records allowed (10k+)
  • Full Cloudflare service for wildcard records (“full proxy”)
  • Custom nameservers

Any advantages in the Performance?

There is some priority with regards to POP availability, but DNS performance should be identical.

is there Any Official Confirmation?

Since the IPs are the same, that’s a confirmation in its own right.

So, Do you Mean… FREE and Premium Have NO Difference in Terms of Performance…?

In terms of DNS resolution? No. In terms of HTTP traffic? Sure, to varying degrees depending on the specific feature.

Other than the differences I mentioned, my understanding is the performance is the same.

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