What is the difference between client certificate and edge certificate?

Does anybody know when to use Client certificate? And what’s the difference between these two certificates?

In short, Client certificates are used to validate the identity of a client (user). The user, in this case, might be a website user or an email user.
Simply put, it works as a password, but without any intervention/input from the user. This way, the server makes sure that it’s connecting to the permitted user and that party is safe to communicate with.

Client certificates also use public key infrastructure (PKI) for authentication, just like Server certificates. However, there is one significant difference between the two. Unlike Server certificates, Client certificates don’t encrypt any data; they’re installed for validation purposes only.


Server certificates (SSL certificates) are used to authenticate the identity of a server. When installed on a website, an SSL certificate turns the protocol on the website from HTTP to HTTPS and installs indicators that vouch for the authenticity of the website.

Therefore, users can know the website belongs to the said entity.
Apart from authentication, SSL certificates also facilitate Encryption. Meaning, any data a user sends to the server is protected from the reaches of any ill-intended 3rd party.


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